The Longest Chainsaw Bar Ever Made

longest chainsaw bar

Size matters!

At least when it comes to chainsaw bars, that is.

But what’s the longest chainsaw bar available?

The longest chainsaw bar currently available on the market is made by Cannon, with a length of 120 inches (10 feet). It’s a double-ended bar and is mainly used for professional milling purposes.

In this article, I’m going to discuss some other “monstrous” chainsaw bars & their uses.

So, are you ready??

Let’s get started!

List of the Longest Chainsaw Bars​

Here’s a list of the longest chainsaw bars available on the market: 👇

CannonCDE-G1-120-63Double Ended120”
CannonCDE-G1-108-63Double Ended108”
GranbergG741-96HSDDouble Ended96”
GranbergG741-84HS-63RQSingle Ended84”
GranbergG741-74HS-63RQSingle Ended74”
GranbergG741-72HSDDouble Ended72”
GranbergG741-66HSDDouble Ended66”

Granberg VS Cannon - Who Makes the Best Bar?

Granberg and Cannon are two of the most popular chainsaw bar brands. They’re well-known for their extremely long bars.

But which one makes the best bar?

Can I be totally honest with you??

Both brands are “top-notch” and their bars are well-made.

I’ve been using a Granberg 44″ bar for about 3 & 1/2 years now and have had NO issues at all. The build quality is superb!

And last summer, I bought a 24″ Cannon bar for my Husqvarna 455 rancher and it was a great purchase. (It’s still in GOOD shape & I hope it won’t ditch me anytime soon!)

So personally, I found NO big difference between the two brands.

However, if I had to pick one, I’d go with Granberg! (Why??)

Well, there are 2 main reasons: 👇

  1. ✅ Price
  2. ✅ Weight

Granberg bars are usually cheaper than Cannon bars.

For example, while a Granberg 44″ double-ended milling bar costs around $330, a Cannon bar of the same size will cost you around $480. (that’s a huge difference, tbh!)

Here’s a line chart to compare the price differences between the two brands: 👇

granberg vs cannon bar price chart

Also, Granberg bars are usually lighter than Cannon bars. You can save up to 2 lbs in weight by choosing a Granberg bar over a Cannon one.

Use of These Extremely Long Chainsaw Bars

You might be wondering, “What’s the point of these extremely long bars?”

Well, these bars are specially made for chainsaw milling. The longer the bar is, the wider the slab of wood you can cut.

chainsaw milling

This makes it easier for milling operators to work with large logs and create slabs without having to move around a lot.

If you want to do large-scale milling jobs, then a long bar is definitely something you should consider (plus a chainsaw mill, obvz!). 

I have my Granberg 44″ installed on my Stihl MS 661 & it’s been a real lifesaver in my milling projects. Also, I’ve got a Granberg Alaskan Mill!

Where Can You Buy These "Long" Chainsaw Bars?

Unfortunately, these long chainsaw bars are not readily available in every chainsaw store. Here are the best places to find them: 👇

Granberg Bars

If you want to get your hands on a Granberg bar, check out their official website. They’ve got up to 96″ milling bars.

Also, they have dealers located all over the US, Canada & UK. Contact them to find a dealer near you.

The last time I ordered a Granberg bar, it took less than a week to arrive at my doorstep.

Cannon Bars

For Cannon Bars, there is a dealer locator on their official website. You just need to put in your zip code and it will show the nearest dealer.

But if you prefer online shopping, the BEST place to buy Cannon chainsaw bars is Bailey’s. They’re Cannon’s official dealer in the US. (And tbh, I LOVE their customer support!)

Just like Granberg, Cannon also has a quick shipping time.

✍️ Note: I’m NOT sponsored by any of these companies, just sharing my experience in the hopes of helping you out! 🙂

Choosing the Right Bar Length for Your Chainsaw?

To choose the right bar length, you need to know the power rating of your chainsaw. The more power your saw has, the longer bar length you can use.

Here’s how you can choose the right bar length for your chainsaw: 👇

  1. Open up your chainsaw’s manual.
  2. Head over to the “Specifications” or “Technical Data” section.
  3. Find out the power rating of your chainsaw (cc/volts/amps).
  4. Compare it with the chart below to find the right bar length for your chainsaw.
Chainsaw TypePower RatingRecommended Bar Length
Gas-poweredLess than 25 cc10-12”
Gas-powered26-35 cc12-16”
Gas-powered36-45 cc14-20”
Gas-powered46-60 cc16-24”
Gas-powered60-75 cc18-28”
Gas-powered76-90 cc20-32”
Gas-powered91-100 cc24-36”
Gas-powered100-115 cc26-50”
Gas-poweredMore than 116 cc28-84”
Battery-powered18-20 Volts10-12"
Battery-powered24-30 Volts10-14"
Battery-powered36-40 Volts10-16"
Battery-powered40-50 Volts12-18"
Battery-powered50-60 Volts12-20"
Corded Electric8-12 Amps10-16"
Corded Electric13-15 Amps12-18"

If you put a bar longer than recommended, it may cause serious damage to your chainsaw.

Related F.A.Q.s

What's the Longest Stihl Chainsaw Bar?

Stihl Rollomatic Super E is the longest chainsaw guide bar made by Stihl, with a length of 59 inches. This bar was designed for the powerful MS 880 & 881. It’s made from high-grade steel, making it extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear.

What's the Longest Husqvarna Chainsaw Bar?

The longest chainsaw guide bar made by Husqvarna is the Husqvarna Pro Titanium Professional Roller Tip (HTR-343), with a length of 72 inches. It’s also available in 60 inches & 44 inches. It’s designed for high-powered professional chainsaws only.

Which Brand Has the Longest Chainsaw Bar?

Cannon makes the longest chainsaw guide bar on the market, which measures 120 inches. It’s a double-ended bar and specially made for chainsaw milling. Cannon also has a 144-inch bar listed on their website, but it’s only made upon request.

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