About PowerToolSavvy

Welcome, fellow chainsawers! 🎉

PowerToolSavvy is your go-to site for all the latest news, how-to guides, troubleshooting, maintenance, and reviews on chainsaws.

My name is Samuel Anali, and I’m a NERD 😎! I’ve been using and fixing chainsaws for over 20 years now, and in that time, I’ve picked up a great deal of knowledge through my experience.

That’s why I started PowerToolSavvy – to help other chainsaw users get the most out of their tools and know-how!

Frankly speaking:

I didn’t have any plans to start a website about chainsaws!

But being a chainsawer, I got exhausted by those fake chainsaw-related sites which offer only generic information with no real photos, no real instructions, no ‘how-to’ do it yourself guides, and so on. 😠

So, I decided to start something up myself.

Here at PowerToolSavvy, 👉 you’ll find hands-on advice and information on all sorts of topics related to chainsaws, from maintenance tips to reviews of the best tools available.

I have plans to broaden the niche soon (that’s why I picked the name PowerToolSavvy!) and expand my coverage to other power tools, so stay tuned for more!

Here are my social handles: 👇

Meet My Team Members:

Right now, I have only one team member and his name is Nahian Alif. Here’s his bio: 👇

Nahian Alif

Nahian is my right-hand for all the technical stuff!

Btw, I’m not a techie person, so he helps me with the website, research, content curation, editing, and more (he’s super COOL)! 

Here’s his Facebook profile.

Contact Us

Finally, if you need to reach out to my team or me for any reason (questions, feedback, collaboration requests), feel free to contact us at -👇

Address: 2933 Ward Robert Pl, El Paso, Texas, United States (Google Map)

Phone: (915) 691-3587

Gmail: powertoolsavvy(@)gmail(dot)com

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day! Enjoy chopping logs!  🌳 🪓


Samuel Anali & The PowerToolSavvy Team.